# About me

I am known by the name Albert Larsan, and I am a student at Epitech Mulhouse.

My passions are programming, and computer science in general. I especially like programming in Rust 🦀.

This website is hosted on a VPS, and will Soon™ be available as a Gemini capsule.

## How to contact me

There are multiple ways to contact me, I have them sorted by order of preference/how quickly I'll respond:

=> Send a mail to albertlarsan@unbon.cafe

You can encrypt your message with the key that has the following fingerprint: 95EB60E950649DCAE66262F1D27C26E057F0D9A5

=> Get in touch over Mastodon (@albertlarsan68@piaille.fr)

=> My account on sr.ht, a Git forge

=> Take a look on my GitHub account, it has many interesting things

=> My linkedin (forced because of school)

## How to support me

If you like what I do, you can support me on the following platforms:

=> Liberapay, a platform where you support me on a weekly basis, where there is no cut by the platform

=> GitHub sponsors, another platform where no cut is taken