# Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that were asked to me, or that I would like to see answered if I was a visitor.

## About this website

### Why does it look so bare-bones?

I like doing things myself, so I hand-write all of this website. It would be harder for me to maintain it if it wasn't simple. Also, I am preparing the site to be also available on Gemini at some point, so I use the same kind of styling than what is available in gemtext. I envision for this website to be JS-free, and without any trackers.

### The plain white background hurts my eyes. Can you add a dark mode?

For the same reason as above, I don't want to force things onto the users. This means that you are free to go in the settings of your browser, and change the default colors. Also, I use an extension named Dark Reader, that can add a dark mode to any website. I am using it, and the bare-boneness of my website makes it so that there is no problem in converting my website to dark.

I know that I could use some CSS trickery to change the background to dark and the text to clear, but again, everybody has its own preferences, and the choices I could make are not the ones someone else would make.